1. How to Succeed Selling Real Estate

Selling real estate can be a very profitable career for many people. Some people are so encouraged by others’ successes that they enter the real estate profession with little experience or sense of direction. Many people want to “try” real estate as a profession. When many job coaches and other such professionals hear this, they see a lack of commitment. “Trying” real estate usually doesn’t translate into long-term success. Professional real estate agents spend years working the floor, organizing open houses for other agents, and working every day to build their client base and sell properties. Entering the real estate market as an agent requires a full-time commitment in order to be successful.

If you can’t commit to real estate as your profession, don’t waste your time. Many people think that they can work part time as a real estate agent to make some money on the side. While some people are successful at this, most find that working successfully in real estate requires full time hours and constant network building outside of normal working hours. Many in real estate focus too much on the results and not on what it takes to achieve those results. Real estate agents are similar to authors. Everyone wants a best-seller, but no one wants to write one.

Ed Sarfo is a dedicated and skilled real estate agent based in Lexington, Kentucky. Sarfo developed his skills and personal relationships over many years of living and working in the area. He plans to continue his work getting people the best real estate options he can.