1. Ed Sarfo: Kentucky Housing Corporation Certified Realtor

Ed Sarfo is well known real estate professional in the Lexington, Kentucky area. He has been working in the field for over ten years. He is a  certified Kentucky Housing Corporation or KHC Realtor. The KHC was started in 1972 and aims to “invest in quality housing solutions for families and communities across Kentucky.” Ed Sarfo is a proud ceritied of the organization and works to help clients in the real estate market.

The Kentucky Housing Corporation helps families by investing in cost-effective housing solutions by suggesting various services and programs that are aimed at creating and maintaining affordable homes throughout the state of Kentucky. They are part of the Commonwealth of Kentucky as a public organization, and are overseen by the Board of Directors, which has 15 members.

Because of the unique way the KHC is set up, more than 86,000 families are able to own their own homes. The KHC is connected to the Finance and Administration cabinet, making it a quasi-government agency. As a quasi-government agency, part of the Kentucky Housing Corporation’s money comes from interest on the sale of tax-exempt mortgage revenue bonds.

The KHC also helps with providing housing for more than 27,500 Kentuckians with low incomes through fees associated with administering federal programs, like rental assistance. But that’s not all. The KHC also helps by offering many programs and services to people in need like: Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, rental housing financing, housing rehabilitation, homeownership counseling and education, home repair and energy initiatives, homeless programs, and servicing loans.

As a member of the Kentucky Housing Corporation, Ed Sarfo can also help families find not just a house that they can afford, but one that they will turn into a warm home.