1. Ed Sarfo Offers 3 Tips on Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be a confusing and difficult process. But with the help of a great real estate agent, like Ed Sarfo, and some helpful tips; you house will have a sold sign out front before you know it. Ed Sarfo is a real estate broker that has worked in the industry since 2004. He lives and works in Lexington, Kentucky.

  1. Maximize storage. Storage is one thing every buyer is looking for and highlighting the storage in your home will help bring in the offers. Make sure your closets and other storage areas are about half empty and neatly organized so they will look bigger and will make buyers feel like they can fit all of their stuff in.
  2. Light it up. Good lighting is next after location on most buyers’ wish list. By showcasing a home filled with light, buyers will be drawn in. Small things like cleaning windows, taking down dark or large drapes, increasing the wattage of lightbulbs and trimming brushes that may be blocking natural light from coming in will all help your home have more light and more offers.
  3. Sell the house, not your home. Although you love all the personal touches that make a building into your home, it makes it more difficult for buyers to picture their things in your space. Take down family pictures, the kids’ drawings, collectibles, and keepsakes to make your house appeal to the masses.

Ed Sarfo will often advise his clients on how they can make slight changes or improvements when listing their house to showcase all the best features of it. This will often increase the sale price of the home, leading to happy clients. Ed Sarfo says there is nothing better than the smile on a satisfied client’s face.