1. Success in Real Estate: One Common Problem No One Thinks About

Real estate agents stake their success or failure based on their ability to create and develop relationships with the community in which they operate. Their success is tied to their ability to close sales and handle negotiations with clients. Successful real estate agents come into the business with an understanding of the properties in the locale, and with a working knowledge of the process in which properties are sold. They are also well aware of the time and effort it takes to run one’s own real estate practice. All of these qualities of successful real estate agents can be repeated by anyone who is willing to work hard and gain the knowledge they need to succeed. There are many pitfalls involved in selling property, and even the most talented networkers and sales people don’t succeed.

One common problem for real estate agents that many don’t realize is a common problem is an inundation of technology. As a real estate agent, advanced communications technology is a must for the job. You have to be available at any time to handle questions and concerns of clients and others. Getting a smart phone for the sole purpose of being available to your clients at all times is a must, but you can also overdo it. Don’t spend so much time on your phone that you forget about the people you meet face-to-face. Real estate sales is all about personal relationships, not constantly checking your email.

Ed Sarfo is a successful real estate agent in Lexington, Kentucky.