1. Ed Sarfo: Tips For Working Out

Ed Sarfo is a real estate professional who makes sure to follow a routine exercise plan in order to stay in good physical and mental shape. As an athletic individual who enjoys playing sports, Sarfo realizes that playing a team sport is now always conducive to a working schedule, especially in his industry. In order to make up for all that lost physical activity, he gets into the gym on a regular basis and sweats it out. Below are some tips that can help make your workouts more effective.

Change Muscle Groups

In order to build your muscles groups, you need to allow them the proper time to grow after a workout. That is why most trainers recommend you focus on a different muscle group each day, and not repeat the same exercises two days in a row because it takes away their ability to regenerate.


Proper hydration is essential to not only prolonging you workouts, but also giving your muscles the nourishment needed to keep pushing on. By keeping some water handy, you can sweat longer and spend more time in the gym.

Eat Properly

Getting your body the nutrients it needs to grow is essential; however there are also ways you can tailor your diet to get more out of your workout. For example, eating bananas before a workout is known to help prevent cramping, while eating an apple after a workout is rumored to help tone your muscles and help them regenerate.