1. Ed Sarfo: How to Choose The Right Home

As a real estate broker with years of experience helping match people with the homes that best suit their lifestyle and needs, Ed Sarfo has a seasoned idea of how to pair people with the living situation that they are looking for. Below are some tips on the things that you should be looking for when choosing where to live.


Location is more than a matter of convenience; it is also a key factor in determining how expensive your living costs will be. It may be cheaper to live in rural areas, however if it comes with a hefty commute into the urban zones then that could offset any potential savings. It is best to map out the places you visit on a most regular basis, and find a central location where you can sustain your expenses and live more comfortably.


It is also important to match your living location with the type of lifestyle you have. If you are raising a family, it may not be best to get that convenient city apartment and instead opt for a larger living space I the country. Also, you want to consider what your neighbors are like and make sure they are the type of people you could get along with on a regular basis.


At the end of the day, you want to come home to a place that you can take some pride in. That is why it is also important to choose a house or apartment that stands up to the levels of function and design you are looking for.